Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bon Jour Amigos! Great News: Lunch Now Served at La Patisserie

Lunch comes wrapped like a little present-- very exciting.

Hey Y'all,
Awhile back I gleefully announced the arrival of La Patisserie, a little French bakery at 602 W. Annie in South Austin that opened last fall. Proprietress Soraiya Nagree-- who also owns The Kitchen Space, a rentable commercial kitchen on the East side-- knows a thing or two (or 5,000) about French baked goods. She might be best known for her macarons (which, translated roughly from the French, means: Oreos my ass-- you call Oreos cookies! Tres droll!). Honestly though, I mean it when I say I have worked my way through Soraiya's pastry case and back again and every single thing in it is spectacular.

Warren demonstrates how to unwrap the little sandwich present. 
At the media event I attended, La Patisserie offered a teasing hint of the then not-yet-available lunch menu. This savory side of L'Menu is-- I am so happy to tell you-- now available. Soraiya invited Warren and me in recently to test out the sandwiches and tarts. These are prepared daily by Jackie of Letelier Food Company, which operates out of the Kitchen Space. And, just as the opera cakes and pain au chocolat left me moaning Mon Dieu! on my first visit, the lunch offerings also found us wolfing it down, unable to remember anything either of us learned in finishing school about small bites and thorough chewing. Of course we had to double check to make sure the macarons were still up to snuff. You can relax-- they remain a crowning achievement among the many other culinary jewels. 

Not your ordinary PB & J, this gourmet version is served on crusty brioche and features grapefruit jelly. Tre exquisite.
Croissant with brie and apple on a croissant. Almost like being back in Paris.

Ooo-la-la the egg tart is filled with chevre, fennel and caramelized onions.  Total mouth melt.
And, for those of you who missed the earlier post-- something else I love about La Patisserie is that they have a little play area for kids. Recently they added art classes that include a project for the small humans to work on and a fancy coffee drink for the adults to slurp down. Such a great place. I hope you'll check it out.

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