Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sad Anniversary: Remembering Molly

Today marks the one year anniversary of Molly Ivins' death. What a horrible, horrible day that was. Oddly, last night I found myself on her old street, which was precisely where I was a year ago, bidding her farewell the day before she died. I wish there'd been a way for me to thank her enough for all she did for me and all she meant to me. But there weren't enough of the right words to capture that. How I miss her.

Here are some of her past columns.

And Molly always said, from her diagnoses to her death: Get. The. Damn. Mammogram.

So, do. Please.

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Roseana Auten said...

Four women of my acquaintance who are old enough to know better had not had even a screening mammogram when I told them about my cancer. I'm 45. So yeah, take this stuff seriously, people.