Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh My God! This is TOO RICH!

Yesterday I posted a note saying there's a letter in this week's Austin Chronicle from a guy trashing the Dick Monologues. He says we're "retro-feminist sexism." Has he seen the show? No.

His name is Ricardo Acevedo.

Today, one of our cast members, Jaycee, emailed me this note:

The guy who wrote that letter is the photographer who took this picture of my legs. He sold it to Camel Cigarettes for their downtown events venue, as well as several private art collectors. But he never even called me about the picture, or offered me anything for it-- not even a print for myself!! Here is his website:

Please note that it's HIS lap in the picture, and I'm actually stepping ON HIS DICK!!! (We're sitting on tall bar chairs, across a table from each other, and he's holding the camera above his head and shooting down.)
And no, I'm not kidding.
Here is the picture:

And I'm thinking, no way-- how lucky could we be? We're called sexist, by a sexist photographer, who happened not just to take this sexist picture, but it's of one of our monologists. (Nice legs, Jaycee.)

So I call the phone number on Ricardo's site and he answers, and I don't id myself upfront, I just ask him a few questions:

Did you write the letter? (yes.)
Did you see the show? (no.)
Did you take a picture of a woman stepping on your dick? (no.)

I told him a little more about the picture and he suddenly remembered-- oh yeah, he had taken it!

Then I identified myself and the backpedaling began. Ricardo wanted me to know there's no such thing as bad PR. I told him I knew that and as a journalist I was simply fact checking, before writing a letter to the Chron, to make sure he hadn't seen the show and that he had taken the photo in question.

So this is a big thank you to Ricardo because, you know, there is no such thing as bad PR.

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Anonymous said...

But, is that a sexist photograph? It is sexual, I suppose, but is it demeaning to women? That is your point, right? That this photograph is demeaning to women?