Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sarah Bird Sarah Bird Sarah Bird!

I love Sarah Bird! I wrote my latest Austinist column about her. She's an astounding writer and her new novel comes out today. She's got a book signing tonight (Tuesday) at BookPeople at 7 p.m. And, lucky lucky me, she's a star in the Dick Monologues. Pat Beach, a friend of mine and Sarah's, wrote a piece about her that ran in the Statesman this past Sunday. In the piece, he twice refers to the show as "The Monologues." Not even "The D*** Monologues." Just "The Monologues." I'm certain this was an editorial decision. But really, how stupid of the editors to make this choice.

Anyway, setting aside the stupidity, I invite you to join me and throngs of Sarah Bird fans tonight. It'll be an awesome reading.

And we are just about to sell out for the next Dick Monologues, which is on July 2nd. I have a few tickets left. If you want one or some, email me at spike@spikeg.com.

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