Friday, November 21, 2008

Good God There's A Lot of Great Stuff this Weekend

I already mentioned the Hyde Park Theatre benefit Saturday night. And all weekend there's the EAST tour of artists' studios in the 'hood. Now, about Sunday...

First of all, the Empty Bowl Project is happening-- a bunch of great singers are singing and you pay $15, you get a locally made ceramic bowl to keep, they fill it with gourmet soup made by local chefs, then they wash and wrap the bowl for you to take home. That's from 11-3.

And THEN... The African Children's Choir is performing a very early show at The Parish-- Doors at 4, music at 5. They will be joined by Kacy Crowley, Guy Forsyth, Bob Schneider, Carolyn Wonderland, and Band of Heathens. It's $25 and all the money goes to build a school in Uganda. You can read all the details about that show here. And there's also a link in that preview that gives info on the Empty Bowl Project.

I know, I know, I'm supposed to be resting and taking it easy but it's going to be hard to stay home this weekend.

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