Thursday, December 11, 2008


I just received the following email from one of Henry's all time favorite teacher, a woman who constantly does good deeds. I responded telling her I would put the word out as far and wide as I could. I also emailed her asking to send me the address where we might send donations and also the ages of the kids. I, personally, will pick up your donations if you can't mail/drop them off. The misfortune that has befallen this family, while it would be awful any time of the year, is surely compounded right now with the holidays.

Even if you can only spare a buck or two or a gently used gift, if enough of us kick in, we can help with the funeral and maybe a few gifts for the kids. I ask that you please share this with any friends/groups you have that might want to help. Folks can email me directly if they're interested and I will compile an email list. As soon as I have more details, I'll send a note directly to interested parties and we'll make something good happen.
Thanks for all the good deeds,

Here's the note:
Dear Spike,

Seasons Greetings!

I have been up all night problem-solving this dilemma and I have worn myself ragged with this one. I have decided that I need help. I am the ministry leader for the Dorcas Women's' Ministry circle at my church. One on the young ladies (31) has lost her husband after a long struggle with sickle cell. She is not prepared for any of this as there are four children and, no insurance and the mortgage is two months in arrears. The Church has asked for donations but it is a large building with a small congregation. There is no date set for the funeral because there is not enough money to date. King Tears Funeral Home is being very gracious and allowing her time to work this out. I am able to do some but I cannot do this one alone. I need help with this one. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


A. Renee Dailey

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Anonymous said...

Would love to help. Dont have much, but certainly enough for at least one gift. I'm not sure of the kids ages, but im sure i could find something they can all enjoy. Is there anymore info? Do i just go to this church and drop it off?

Spike Gillespie said...

if you don't mind emailing me directly i will give you details on where/how to send/drop off funds. if you would prefer to remain anonymous anonymous post a comment here and i'll figure out a way to get you that info. in the post i put up this morning there is my mailing address in case you want to send some stuff to the p.o. box and i will deliver it. thanks so much.