Monday, April 6, 2009

Me and Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones...

We got a fundraiser.... going ooooooooon!

Hello People,
TONIGHT! TONIGHT! TONIGHT! I am psyched down to my Jersey girl marrow! Southpaw Jones invited me to emcee this incredible Springsteen tribute night at the Cactus Cafe. He did one of these two years ago and it just tore the roof off, packed beyond SRO, with Austin's finest singer songwriters offering up interpretations of Bruce that even I, born and raised on the guy's lyrics, was stunned and amazed by. And there is no set cover charge. This is a fund/food raiser for the Capital Area Food Bank, a pet cause of Mr. Sprinsteen's. And also, Southpaw might not tell you, so I will, it's also a birthday party of sorts for my favorite singer songwriter, yes, that's right, Southpaw himself. So put on you birthday suit and come on out to the Cactus TONIGHT, Monday, April 5, 2009. More details below:

Monday, April 6, 2009
7:30 pm
Songwriter Tribute to Bruce Springsteen
Cactus Cafe
Texas Union Bldg. UT Campus
Austin, TX
Join several of Austin's best performers for a night of pure Bruce Springsteen music. A benefit for the Capital Area Food Bank and a sort of birthday party for Southpaw Jones. Featuring Spike Gillespie, Jud Newcomb, Matt the Electrician, Nathan Hamilton, Nakia, Jess Klein, Graham Weber, Craig Marshall, Lee Barber, Brian Kremer, Raina Rose, BettySoo, Ricky Stein, and Southpaw Jones.


What food should I donate?
* Healthy, non-perishable food
* Items with intact, un-opened, consumer or commercial packaging
* Items with non-breakable packaging (no glass please)
* Food within the expiration date on the packaging

What are the most requested food items?
* Canned meats like tuna, stew and chili (pop-tops preferred)
* Canned vegetables
* Pasta & pasta sauce
* Beans
* Rice
* Healthy cereals
* Peanut Butter
* Baby food & baby formula

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Southpaw said...

Big thanks, Jersey Girl! I'll see you tonight...