Monday, November 16, 2009

TaDa! Spike Takes a Job!

Well, well, well... it's a long story. Months ago my friend Jim sent me a link for a writing job he found at Craigslist-- it was a blind ad, asking for a blogger but not mentioning the client. I applied, and was sent a writing test. Odd to audition for a writing gig what with a forty page resume listing 27 years of experience, but whatever. I actually had a good time creating what I hoped would be the "winning" entry-- it did feel like a contest and I am one competitive mofo.

Time passed with no word back. More time passed. Then I got a note-- the field of 200 had been whittled down to 3. I made the short list. Next stop: the interview. Then more time passed. Still more time. I finally let curiosity get the better of me and asked them what was up. Well-- I got the job.

I'm now doing a blog for JetBlue Airways, letting folks know all the cool people/places/things Austin has to offer. It's been a pretty intense learning curve-- not so much of a brain squeeze but more of a time management thing. At the same time I got the gig I was still wrapping the first draft of my latest book, plus I had a bunch of little freelance gigs to wrap. Then there was the trips I'd planned long ago. And then, courtesy of airplane air and pure exhaustion, I got sick. Really, really sick. Two weeks worth of sick. Oh, and then there were the weddings-- can't call in sick to those.

This week, the blog launched. You can check it out here.

If you have ideas for things I should mention, please email me at That said, as part of my plan to never get so exhausted and sick again, I'm trying to institute an "answer emails when I can" policy, so if you don't hear right back, that's just me trying to take care of me.

Hope all six of you have been well in my absence. And Jim? Thank you SO much!


Joe said...

Congrats on the job!

If you do a JetBlue blog piece on day trips, please include Kerrville -- my hometown.


Carol said...

Brillant! I love it and will use it for our next trip to Austin.