Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Dogs on Main Street Howl 'Cause They Understand

Hey Y'all,
A month or so ago I got to see PROMISED LAND: A Radical Queer Revival, written and performed by the amazing and delightful Rudy Ramirez. Those of you who've seen the Dick Monologues know who I'm talking about. You might recall Rudy's Mix CD piece or any of the other great pieces he performed. Some of those got trimmed and honed and polished and have become part of PROMISED LAND, which, as Rudy explains, is: One boy's search for love, liberation and a working toilet in the Appalachian woods.
I had SUCH a great time at the show. And I'm so happy to announce that Rudy's bringing it back this weekend to the Vortex. Please make time to check it out. Details below:

PROMISED LAND: A Radical Queer Revival
Written and Performed by Rudy Ramirez
Directed by Bree Perlman
Technical Direction and Stage Management by Marcella Garcia
Jan 29th and 30th @10pm
immediately following LAY OF THE LAND by Tim Miller at 8PM
The Vortex: 2307 Manor Rd

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