Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! Spike & Crafty Friends at BookWoman!

Hey Y'all,
I'm hosting a sort of party/reading/event/happening/craft extravaganza on Sunday, August 14th, at BookWoman @ 5501 North Lamar. We'll be going from 3 pm til 6 pm and there will be snacks and fun stuff to do for all ages. I'm going to bring a bunch of my craft supplies to share and we've got a great lineup of other crafty folks. Below is a list of who will be fearlessly leading us. I hope you can attend.

Bernadette Noll and Kathie Sever co-authored the recently released Make Stuff Together, which includes a couple dozen cool projects for families to make together. They'll be kicking off our day with some info about the book and a project we can all work on. You can find out more about their book at this link.

I've told y'all about Ann before and I'm telling you again. Ann ROCKS it in the craft world. She's got an Etsy shop which you can access through the Ann Woodall Studios Website. Ann is an amazing photographer-- she's got a line of photo-art cards. She's also a helluva a fiber artist, often crocheting fiber from all sorts of sources (from the finest to the most 70s acrylicest...) into hats, blankets and groovy cat toys. Ann will be on hand to teach crochet, show off her cards and answer questions about the Etsy Life.

Robin Chotzinoff
Robin Chotzinoff is the author of three books, most recently Holy Unexpected. She also writes a pair of excellent blogs. And she is a craft genius whose current great passion is PVC pipe. On Sunday, with an assist from her daughter Gus and Gus's friend Ramona, Robin-- who also happens to be a terrifically gifted singer/songwriter-- will be presenting handcrafted songs and amateur production numbers you can try at home!

Kate Payne
Kate is the author of the Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking, which tells you all you need to know to be self-sufficient and styling in the home while living on a budget. Kate will demonstrate easy ways to keep your prized produce out of the compost pile by making small batches of both fermented and refrigerator pickles.

Spike Gillespie
That's me. I'm the accidental author of three books on quilting, I'm an avid knitter that travels around the world in search of more yarn, and I am the queen of turning everyday crap into clever craft. I'll be your hostess and I will have googly eyes for the first 400 people who show up.

Please help us get the word out-- not only do we want to share the craft, we also want to remind folks that BookWoman rocks it, and not only that, BW represents all that's right with our town, which supports small, local businesses. 

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