Friday, September 2, 2011

I May Never Blog Again!

I keep meaning to tell y'all why I'm not posting much anymore, but then the things that are keeping me from posting keep keeping me from posting. So maybe I'll never get around to telling the six of you, though I did reveal the reasons to my writing workshop folks. (And I am still putting up the occasional post for them over at Write With Spike.) Meanwhile, though I've slowed the writing down to a near halt, I still can't resist over-photgraphing the world. So here, have some pictures, people. I hope you enjoy them. Mwa!

Warren and I just celebrated our 4 YEAR anniversary, breaking all previous records for both of us put together. Times about 10. What a long strange trip and all that. Happy Anniv, Mono!

Henry (R) and I (not pictured) are about to celebrate our 20th (!!!) anniversary of moving to ATX. TWENTY!! He was about the size of Rebound (L) when we moved here.

The "Pick Your Dinner" Tank at Madam Mam's.

Do we need still more proof that I am a fat and sassy happy middle ager? Okay, how about this: regular pedicures and bling flip-flops. LOVE.

Warren and I found my new favorite appliance at Phoenicia in Houston. And it doesn't even require batteries! For a written description, see below.

Written description of my new favorite appliance.

I could walk around Phoenicia for hours. In fact I do.

My new pet nickname for Warren.

What actually aligned nuts look like. With honey.

A) no, you don't have to tell me that those clown pants are a fashion crime. I know. I KNOW.
B) I gave this old stove to Zach the Gardener because it got so dirty that even I couldn't handle it. Then, when I helped Zach move into his new house and asked, "How can I help?" he and his wife pointed out that the stove really needed to be cleaned. So, yeah, I wound up cleaning that fucking stove anyway. What a pain in my ass.

From the Constipation Police. Portland, OR

Fountain in Portland nicknamed by the locals: Three Groins in the Fountain. Ha!

They don't have many problems in Portland, so God only needs a very small mailbox.

Nepalese meditation trees. I sat under these every day to meditate.

Because even though I tell Warren to STOP MAKING JOKES ABOUT PENISES, I just can't resist photos like this one.

The engagement ring I picked out for Warren to buy me to symbolize how well-balanced we are.

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YardFarm Austin said...

Sorry about the stove. You Rock!