Thursday, August 2, 2012


Photo by Kirk R. Tuck for ZACH

Roll don't walk on over to ZACH to catch XANADU. OMG it is HILARIOUS!! Yes, I am laying on the CAPS pretty heavy here. Big Red and I went to see this musical, which parodies the movie by the same name, and it is a total giggle-fest on wheels. It's packed with '80s music and references, and yes, okay, an extremely vague nod to Greek mythology. There's nothing not to love about it.

And, if I might snark out for just a moment, one thing I especially love is that this is a production that even the most over-zealous and self-congratulatory of Austin critics-- some of whom of late have been really reaching deep into their bag of Lit Crit 101 tricks-- could not possibly afflict it with one of their heavy-handed reviews. (Or could they?) I mean we are talking 200% pure fluff here.

The cast is wonderful-- they sing their hearts out and dance their booties off and emanate pure joy at their happy task. Jill Blackwood as Kira and Matthew Redden as Sonny Malone are especially hilarious. I saw both for the first time in ZACH's production of the Drowsy Chaperone which remains my all-time favorite musical. Blackwood especially has stolen my heart-- I have a massive crush on her comic timing brilliance. She pulls off to perfection that magical thing-- super pretty chick that could pass for a sorority babe but who displays gut-bustingly brilliant antics. And what a set of pipes, too. I might have to rescind my marriage proposal to Martin Burke and see if Jill Blackwood will have me. Or maybe she can be Martin's and my sister-wife. A girl can dream.

Tickets for XANADU can be acquired right here.

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