Friday, January 25, 2013

The Dogs Have a New Job

I think at least four of the six of you know that I spend most of my time in bed thanks to self-employment, the technological miracle known as the laptop, and the intense need to always maintain a manageable safe space. So it's no small news when we acquire a new (to us) mattress, as we did last night. The dogs were instantly, literally, all over it. Suspicious, excited, a bit tentative. In the end, it all worked out as they came, very quickly, to ascertain the crazy softness that is a pillow top. Please note that while you don't see Tatum, she is still with us (Go Tatum!). She just can't get up on the bed so she has a ginormous body pillow on the floor. Check out the action-packed photos of Mattress Testing Day:


Mrs. Falk said...

Think of how much money you just saved on professional Mattress Testers (tm). Those pictures are adorable!!!

Holly Schroeder said...

It's a puppy magnet! I'm jealous. I think I need a new one of those myself. Congrats! Have a nap for me. :)