Thursday, April 10, 2008

Austinist Post Up: Gun at Henry's School

The editor who posts my piece for the Austinist decided to edit out the contact information I originally included for the principal of my son's high school, lest I be pegged as vindictive. But I wasn't being vindictive. If you want his contact info, just let me know.

Meanwhile, the post is here:

I Am So Popular: Don't Shoot, Shoot, Shoot That Thing At Me

If you dig it, please recommend it.


Ana said...

Nice piece, Spike. No pun intended.

I'm vehemently anti-gun myself. I'll never understand the point of view that says arming everyone is the solution to America's gun issues.

Anonymous said...

Read the other blog entry & comments. I am similarly middle aged with kids in AISD.

Reasonable people might disagree on the exact protocol a child/parent might follow in the situation,(*is* there protocol for finding ammo at school??), but 3 things seem clear to me:
1)the kid did the right thing (reporting find to school)
2)the parent did the right thing (following up with school and following their personal parenting instincts)
3)Live ammo, much less guns, don't belong on campus.

some people have too much time on their hands