Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Child Seriously Rocks

Henry played a benefit gig for Youthspin the other night. That's the KOOP radio show he works on. He is now up to three bands and two of those played. Actually, one of the bands, Popular Culture, is just Henry. Except for he tells the audience they're all part of the band. And then, like a fledgling religious cult leader, he gets them to do all sorts of things that he barks at them through the microphone. Very cool. Also, his band Sea Fields of Elephants plays. This band features, among other members, Max, with whom Henry has his third band (the first one he was ever in) cleverly known as Max & Henry. Please note, in the Sea Fields pictures below, the lovely Ant Helmet worn by the drummer. I acquired several ant suits for the band on Sunday when I helped some friends move and they just happened to have a bunch of ant costumes they were ready to part with. Hopefully the boys will wear the full costumes on stage soon. Thanks to Hen's dad, Big Red, for taking these fine pictures.

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