Friday, July 24, 2009


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Thich Nhat Hahn is the man. This is an excellent, ongoing, much needed constant reminder about trying to stay in the moment.


A food memoir. Pretty okay story. Very good recipes.


Lunch on Monday with Emily at East Side Cafe. I had the homemade ravioli made with beet greens from the garden, topped with tomato basil sauce, with a side of acorn squash with soy ginger sauce. For dessert-- apricot crostada.

Amused by:

Warren's kooky-food shopping spree at Fiesta.

Delighted by:

Today's mail featured NO BILLS plus a big envelope with the latest ROWAN knits magazine (my personal porno), the ROWAN newsletter, and a postcard ad for a knitting yoga retreat in Maine which I will be attending. Plus, as if that wasn't excellent enough, our tickets for RUFUS arrived!

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