Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cuisine of the Far East & the Northeast

Above-- that's me eating my favorite food in the world. Okay, one of my favorite foods. Cheese Hoagie. That I am eating a cheese hoagie means, yes, I am on a rare trip to Jersey, hoagies being zee haute cuisine of the Philadelphia vicinity, where I grew up. I zipped up here for a couple of days to have lunch with my mom before she has surgery next week. I planned the whole eating extravaganza before boarding my flight: cheese hoagie, Tastykakes, and Philly pretzels. Behold images of all of these mixed below with documentation of other recent food events.

I'll let you see if you can match the descriptions with the photos as I am too lazy to sort all this out. Below find: images of a recent dim sum run to T&S where Warren and I overindulged, I nearly died with joy at the garlic shrimp, and we sat near some guy dressed in head-to-toe tie dye, including his house key (clipped to his belt) and his shoes. He also had an alien tattooed onto his bald spot. I apologize for not getting a picture.

Also, so pleased with our authentic dim sum, we took Garreth out for some fast food dim sum at Get Sum Dim Sum over at 45th and Lamar. Not bad. What else? There's a DQ single dip cone (shot in West Texas-- DQ is sort of the dim sum of West Texas). There's Warren showing off the spread at the cast party for Wicked (see earlier post about the Wicked Bitch). And the aforementioned pretzels and Tastykakes. No really, I'm going to come home, do the hippie lemonade fast, have a week's worth of colon cleansing, and only have organic smoothies from here on out.

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