Monday, August 3, 2009

More Intake/Output

Continuing to pack in as much pop culture and good food as possible over here. Here's the latest current audio/visual/mouthful recommendations.


Y'all, Mishna Wolff is my new literary hero. I know a lot of you are like, "No way, no audiobooks for me, I'm a purist." Fine, whatEVER-- I don't give a rat's ass if you get the audiobook, the hardback, or pay Ms. Wolff a cool million to come and copy it over on your living room wall in sharpie-- point is, I PITY THE FOOL who does not get some version of this book immediately. Like, now. Here's a little audio sample .


Check it-- I spent Saturday doing my food whore rounds-- Farmers' Market, Whole Foods, maybe I even stopped by Wheatsville? I'm not typically a cold soup gal but I remembered my heretofore long forgotten peach soup recipe. Actually it's my friend Sue's recipe. Actually it's not even a recipe anymore-- I just throw fresh Fredericksburg peaches in the blender with homemade full fat yogurt, some OJ (the fruit juice, not the wife killer), a dash of Vanilla, and voila. You might call it smoothie in a bowl, but I call it Polka Dotted Peach Soup-- those polka dots are local blueberries. I also made gazpacho that was so good I nearly wept. I don't say this like I'm bragging, I'm saying it like I shocked the hell out of myself because I have no idea how to make gazpacho, and the six recipes I checked were all over the board. One called for raw eggs, a couple of others insisted I use stale bread to thicken it. In the end, I just sort of threw shit in a blender. And don't forget the cayenne. We garnished the gazpacho with avocado. And we had this so-expensive-it-should-actually-be-a-crime rosemary and sea salt flatbread from Whole Foods. I also made hibiscus mint tea, to which I added a little fresh lemon juice and just a tiny bit of agave. Oh, and some cherries and cheese. Why not. I must say it was an outrageously fantastic meal.

It's too hot for me to be chronologically correct here, so let me just say that Warren took me to El Chilito for breakfast on Saturday and I had the Migas Taco, corn tortillas, and it was, as it always is, excellent. They have the smokiest hot sauce.

Forgot to mention this in the last intake post. Warren and I absolutely inhaled Season Two of Madmen when it arrived a couple of weeks ago. I estimate we watched fourteen hours in 9.5 hours, that's how intently we watched it. Originally it took me two tries to like the first episode of the first season. And now it is my crack. To the point I might just have to get my cable turned back on rather than wait another whole fucking year for Season Three to come out on DVD.

On Saturday, I got a notice from the County Clerk's office suggesting I was not, in fact, divorced. This came as a (very grave, very stick-knitting-needles-in-your-eyes sort of) surprise to me, as I was in the courtroom over two years ago when the judge granted me the divorce from the World's Biggest Fucking Narcissist of All Time. To think that I might actually, inadvertently still be married to this guy made me very, very unhappy. And I had to wait until today to confirm that it was a clerk's error-- Hey, don't worry about it honey, we all make mistakes, I mean, look at me, I MARRIED THE JERK IN THE FIRST PLACE, believe me I know all about mistake-making. Anyway, fate or coincidence, when I reached up and grabbed a CD from the sun visor, my hand landed on the White Album, which I was never into the first time around, but which became the soundtrack for my divorce, particularly Dear Prudence.


And now, to end as we began, with A RECOMMENDATION THAT YOU MUST OBEY OR ELSE!! Let me say that a week ago, when I asked Warren to put some music on, he popped in a disc I'd never heard. I am not the world's greatest jazz appreciator, though I try, and have had the wonderful assistance of jazz sax genius Paul Klemperer as my guide for many yeas. Anyway, Warren popped in this jazz CD and I mean, Holy Mother of God. It was so beyond awesome I didn't know what to do. I memorized the name on the cover-- Kat Edmonson-- and vowed to Google her and find out when her next world tour would bring her to Austin. Well GUESS WHAT PEOPLE? Kat Edmonson LIVES in Austin. And she is playing tomorrow, Tuesday, August 4th, at Vino Vino on Guadalupe. And you, unless you are totally out of your mind (or I have a restraining order against you) are going to join me and put your paws together for Kat. Because, OH MY GOD we are going to lose her to the big city soon enough, trust me. Here's a sample of Kat Be sure to check out her cover of the Cure's Just Like Heaven. Oh, and just now, as I was looking for links, I realized that I had heard one of her songs before on KGSR. Here's the video. And SHE'S REALLY PRETTY TOO!!

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