Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Ross picked me up for dinner & Elvis Costello last night. He was carrying a very big wrapped package for me-- pretty obvious it was a picture. But I was puzzled. We were supposed to be celebrating his birthday, not mine. He explained this was "an early birthday present" and that it was from him and Henry.

I love and fear presents, worried that I'll not "get" something, or be overwhelmed, or not know what to say. Well, I "got" this one, no problem. But I was also overwhelmed, didn't know what to say, and wept. For inside was a much larger version of the portrait you see above, my darling son, captured at 18 by young local photographer Matt Conant.

I always love pictures of Henry, but this one-- oh this is my new all time favorite, capturing his eyes perfectly. And I can see a glimpse of little Henry but, of course, I can also see the young man he has become. Hen has been gone now for a month or so-- took off for Portland where he is hanging out indefinitely. I am so happy for him-- so happy. But my empty nest syndrome has, at times, gone into high gear. So seeing that picture, nearly life sized in the print Ross gave me, after not seeing Hen for over a month-- it shook me up. Then today I started listening to the mix CDs I made him for his last birthday, and I was still more overwhelmed thinking of all the shows we'd been to together, how excellent it is we love a lot of the same music, etc.

Today when I talked to him I told him I'd been out walking the dogs, listening to the CD that made me think of him, envisioning the portrait in my mind, and weeping. Henry being Henry he said something-- can't remember what precisely, but I think it went like this, "That sounds real healthy, Mom."

Anyway, I can't thank Ross enough for arranging the photo shoot. And I already emailed Matt to heap praise on him. He said I could share the above image. If you want to see more of his work and/or contact him about a portrait, just use the link above.

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