Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nacho, Nacho Dog-- I Want to Be Your Nacho Dog!

Hello Everyone,
Haven't been posting much. Was away in Maine for a glorious week of knitting and hiking. I'm going to write all about that for my Austinist column tomorrow. But today I am here to tell you about Nacho the Dog and Nacho's human creator, Emma Virjan.

Emma lives in Austin and Nacho lives inside Emma's head. He also lives inside the book Nacho the Party Puppy. And, not many of us can claim this, but Nacho has his own theme song written and performed by Asleep at the Wheel's frontman, Ray Benson.

I wanted to let you know that, besides gifting us with Nacho, Emma is also a designer who specializes in working with small companies to create company identities, brochures, and on and on. She's got a little room coming up in her schedule and I'm putting the word out here so if you need some designing or know someone who does, you can check out her website, VirjanDesign and give her a holler.

More soon...

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