Thursday, October 1, 2009

TAKE ME BACK TO AUSTIN TEXAS (right now): The T-Shirt

Hey Y'all,
Awhile back I wrote a column in which I mentioned how, when Henry was very little and we were traveling, sometimes he would get extremely tired and cranky, at which point he would demand: TAKE ME BACK TO AUSTIN TEXAS RIGHT NOW! Sometimes, he'd even say this when we were in Austin.

To this day whenever I travel, no matter how much fun I'm having, I always have at least a moment or two of TMBTATRN. So I decided to make some t-shirts. They just arrived, hot off the press. They're 100% cotton American Apparel, printed locally. I only did a small run to see if the rest of you are as enthusiastic as I am about our fine town. I've got S, M, L, and XL in black with white print (see above photo) and white with black print (see below photo and please, save your commentary about my boobs.)

I'm thinking/hoping they won't last long-- we're selling them at ACL. So if you want to order one, email me quick at They're $20 flat, with a $2 postage fee if you want me to mail you one. (If you live in my hood, you can just pick yours up at the house.)

Please help spread the word.


Julie Hewitt said...

Oh Spike, what a great idea! I definitely want one for Destry....God, remember when Henry and Destry were barely toddling around??? And that's the last time I remember even seeing you....well, in person anyway! You're awesome!

Spike Gillespie said...

Hey Julie,
Great to hear from you! Wow, Destry must be all grown up. Henry is over 6 feet tall. That went by way too fast.