Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let's Get It On

Well, well, well, just like that the time to enjoy Free Sex in Public with me and my friends is just about on top of us like a [fill in your own euphemism here]. That's right folks, this Sunday, February 14th-- which some of you insist on calling "Valentine's Day" and attaching ridiculous expectations upon-- I will be hosting a spectacular event at BookPeople. Please Note:


So, 8 pm, BookPeople at 6th & Lamar. On the second floor. This event is free but likely it will "sell out," by which I mean we're expecting a crowd. please get there by 7:45 if you can. On the other hand, don't let running late keep you from showing up at all. We've got a dozen or so performers, mostly from the Dick Monologues, and-- talk about the element of surprise-- even I'm not sure what folks are going to be reading but/so it promises to be a very fun ride.

BookPeople will be providing some tasty Free-Sex/Valentine themed snacks. Feel free to BYOB, chocolate, whatever. No date needed. We're encouraging hookups to take place spontaneously at the show, and phone numbers and email information may be exchanged over in the kids' section which, conveniently, is adjacent to where we'll be reading.

Please, please, tell your friends. I'm so excited to be res-erecting the show. Can't wait to see you all. Let's get it on.

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!
xo, spike

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