Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Food Photos Glorious Food Photos!

There's an article in NYT today about people who obsessively photograph their food.Comparatively, I'm not nearly as obsessive, but I'm guessing Warren might disagree. My blog gig with JetBlue requires me to take lots of food photos. But long before that, courtesy of owning an iPhone, I got into the habit of documenting meals. Mostly I do this for fun, to record a memory of something I enjoyed. Sometimes I do it so that I can go home later, look at a pic of some restaurant meal, and try to make a similar version at home. A lot of times, I take the photos to document some success in the kitchen-- I love, love, love cooking. (Last night, though dammit I did not take a picture, I made a variation of a quinoa risotto I had at Lake Austin Spa. Mine had quinoa, fresh swiss chard and parsley from my garden, black olive pesto, onions, garlic, sweet potato, sweet itty-bitty tomatoes, kosher salt and pepper.) I tell myself I will make time to post these pictures, but don't do so often enough. Today, that changes. Herewith, just a few of the bazillion food pics I've taken in the past couple of years:

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