Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mi Encanta Los Perros de Buenos Aires

My trip to Buenos Aires last week was a whim affair, one I embarked on with plan, no research, and just one real goal: track down really good yarn, which I did. Something I hadn't planned on encountering, but was delighted to discover, is that the Argentines LOVE their dogs. Los perros were everywhere. In France, there were a lot of dogs, too. But those seemed more involved in one-on-one relationships with their humans, not especially interested (the dogs or the humans) in allowing me to impose myself and get in a little dog loving. That was a bummer, since it's my goal to pet every dog on the planet. I did much better toward this end in BA, where dogs freely wandered up to me, and where I discovered humans were totally down with me freely wandering up to them and taking pictures of their pooches. I was especially delighted to discover that dog walking is an honored profession, and that the walkers head out with a dozen or more dogs who, for reasons I do not understand (but utterly admire), all seem to get along just fine. Herewith, some of my portraits de perros de BA:


Monica said...

Heaven! Now I want to go home and love on my own babies.

Debra Healy said...

greetings from Paris, I love those doggies from around the world.

Summer said...

Buenos Aires has so many things to offer that at first, you will not even know how to start. Well, I would begin with the zoo, the museums in Recoleta, have lunch at those beautiful restaurants in Puerto Madero with the sight of the river, also the Obelisco and some shopping in the well-known stores in Palermo Viejo (fashion neighborhood)
Last year I rented an apartment in buenos aires and I felt as if 2 weeks were not enough for this city. I will go back!