Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Accident: Antibes, France

I've been meaning to post this picture since last December, when Warren took me on my first trip to France (which was also my first trip to Europe). It was freezing and rainy most of the time but we didn't let that stop us-- we headed out most days and tromped around in the icy wet for five, ten, and once even thirteen hours at a pop. My handmade wool projects got a good workout and I was forced, once and for all, to get over my umbrella phobia.

We stayed a week in Cagnes Sur Mer, next to Cannes, right on the Mediterranean, courtesy of some beyond-generous friends who loaned us a fabulous apartment. Cagnes is also really close to Antibes, this really old, really incredible port city. Since it was December there were a lot of Christmas lights up. (I of course, pretended they were lights strung up just for me, and had nothing to do with that holiday I so loathe).

Quite by accident, I shot this photo (with my iPhone). I think I was just trying to capture the lights but instead I got my umbrella in the shot. Oo-la-la, look Ma! I'm an artiste! I'm an artiste! (The umbrella is actually covered in purple flowers. Please don't ask me what technique I used to make it look all orange like that.) This picture makes me crave chocolat chaud and macaroons. Waaa, I wanna go back.

Okay, so we don't have plans to go back yet. But pretty soon here, shalom y'all and all that, this shiksa is heading to Tel Aviv to demonstrate to Israelis that Jersey girls can, in fact, hold their own. I think it's about 900 degrees in the Middle East right now which, yes, is keeping with our ongoing travel theme of visiting countries during their most extreme unpleasant weather.

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