Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Cake Balls

Sometimes my job is sooooooooo rough. I receive regular invitations to review plays, concerts, products, and food around town and, you know, there are only so many hours in a day. Recently I was offered a chance to test out some treats from Austin Cake Ball. They twisted my arm, people, I swear.

Actually, I'd already sampled some Cake Balls awhile back when my friend Alisa Weldon over at L Style G Style offered me some. They were fabulous so I jumped at the chance to "test out" some more. I was hosting Knit Knight last week and figured my fellow crafters would be down with lending me an assist.

That morning, the door knocked before I was out of bed. I leapt up and eagerly greeted the delivery guy, hoping he wouldn't notice that in my haste I failed to wrestle my ample bosom into an appropriate foundation garment. If he did spot my unintended demonstration of the reality of gravity, he was polite enough not to say anything. I thanked him profusely then stashed the balls in the fridge, trying to pretend all day long they weren't in there, lest I eat the entire box before my guests arrived.

Amazingly, I maintained my restraint. Then, at long last, we busted out the balls. My oh my. I think I ate (at least) five, though I don't recommend you attempt to break this record. Better to savor them one or two at a time. As if...

So what exactly is a Cake Ball? It's like a cross between a little cake and a truffle. They come in a bunch of different flavors -- too hard to pick a favorite but I will say I fell pretty hard for the Red Velvet. They're coated in frosting and decorated with gorgeous details. One good thing about not eating them all the minute they arrived was that I had several hours to just sneak peeks in at the box. Total eye candy. My fellow knit-knuts and I pretty much demolished a couple of dozen of them in an hour or so. And even though I have no plans to ever again marry, if you've got a wedding in your future you might want to consider a Cake Ball Wedding Cake. Check it out:

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