Monday, August 30, 2010

I Can't Keep Up

I take it as a good sign that I can't keep up with daily virtual postcards. We've been packing in the sightseeing at a pretty dizzying pace. A few days ago we visited some 2,000 year old human-made caves, carved in bell shapes from limestone. They are lined with thousands of niches, aka pigeonholes. The caves were used to raise the pigeons for meat and fertilizer and also served as cisterns. On the drive home we stopped at a little farm and bought a ton of fresh cheese and yogurt, including mozzarella that had been made that day from buffalo milk.

Then we took a road trip up through Haifa and on to Galilee, which is very close to the border of Lebanon. There we visited an amazing natural bridge, came across a herd of goats crossing the road under the watchful eye of a shepherdess who appeared to be from Biblical times, and my love for goats is such that I nearly blew a gasket thanks to the excitement of it all. Then we ate at an incredible Middle Eastern restaurant. Then back to Rehovot.

Yesterday Warren and I stole away alone, no camera, to a long long day at the beach. I think I could live in the Mediterranean. It happened to be our three year anniversary and I won't complain if we mark all future anniversaries by the sea. You'll just have to take my word for it that the sunset, which we viewed sitting on chairs in the water up to our waists, was likely the most magnificent sunset of all time. In thirty-eight hours I hope on a plane for the long flight back.

Up above is a picture of Benny. He's got a cafe down the street from Warren's sister's place and I visit him, sometimes twice a day, to use his wifi and get a little alone time. I'm going to miss Benny who kindly treats me like a regular. I walk in in the morning and say, "Boker tov, how are you?" and he says, "Thank you very much. How are you? A strong coffee?" Excellent way to start the day. Here are more pictures:


Adam said...

I can't give directions to it (because I can't remember exactly where), but somewhere in the Old City in Jerusalem, in the Jewish Quarter, if I remember correctly, is a shop called "The Bedouin Cave" that sells UT clothing. One of the funniest things I've ever seen. I don't mean one sweatshirt, I mean a lot of University of Texas clothing.

Glad to see you're enjoying Israel!

Anonymous said...

Spike, I have loved reading your Israel posts. It's been a dream of mine to go and I feel as though I've been. Thank you!