Sunday, October 3, 2010


Okay, last night's boo-hoo session (scroll down to see that post) is officially over. It was nice to get all that off my chest. Equally-- nay, more nice-- was today's adventure in Radical Homemaking. I strived to not make a To Do list for the weekend, since To Do lists, while very helpful, also typically enslave me. I did wind up writing down just a few things, but these I scrawled on the back of a business card, sort of like "this is a small list on a small piece of paper so it is of small consequence if you ignore it."

That seemed to work. I got up, made some super duper espresso in the super duper espresso pot Warren got for me in Israel as an anniversary gift. (Three Year Anniversary = Ass Kicking Coffee Pots.) I walked the pups all around Mueller, over past the old air traffic control tower, which I like to refer to as Austin's own Eiffel Tower. Along the way, I listened to the audiobook of Born to Run, my friend Chris's most excellent-- MOST EXCELLENT-- book. I'd started reading it months ago then set it down "for a few minutes" to work on my own novel. Only now getting back to it and I might never be a foot racer but I am racing through this book.

Then home again home again jiggity jig where I had the vaguest of plans to get back into bed and continue reading the print version of another MOST EXCELLENT book: Watching the English by Kate Fox. Oh this book is SLAYING me-- she's a real anthropologist and she really studied her fellow Englishmen and women and I'm just giving one quote here: "Mummy says pardon is a worse word than fuck!" Get this book right away. Additionally I was going to read the entire NYT and knit twelve sweaters but then...

My inner Radical Homemaker emerged and she proved unstoppable. Despite everything I wrote about my new quilt book in the post below, and despite the fact I am a shitty seamstress, I actually transformed the living room into a quilt room and got an ironing station set up and a cutting table. I watered the winter garden which I planted a few days ago. I hung the clothes out on the line having recently convinced Warren to take the dryer away. (He thinks, as does my son, that I will be begging to have it back in a week. They of little faith...)

Being outside with the laundry made me realize that the idea of being in bed with the paper reading about the economy and the wars was a PFS idea. So I walked over to the old chicken yard "just to have a look" and see about finally, after years of postponing the task, maybe re-doing the yard, building a new coop, and making a roof over the entire chicken yard from the old corrugated tin Warren gave me. Then, before I knew it, I was out there actually doing these things. Yep-- I got the coop going (still needs a door), installed a roof (not tornado proof), and discovered that it would be most helpful if Vibram started making steel toed Five Fingers (don't worry, I'm fine).

I did miraculously avoided slicing into my neck with the unwieldy sheets of tin, or smashing my thumb with a hammer, or plummeting a huge staple into my finger. This beats the hell out of last week's adventures when a plank-sized splinter had Warren nearly wrestling me to the ground so he could slice it out with a knife in order that I might stop screaming my head off.

On the way in from my successful coop building, I grabbed some super fresh basil from the garden (see picture above) which I shall now use to make a splendid pesto for some pasta that I will take on a picnic.

In short: I LOVE THIS WEATHER. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT. And I love Radical Homemaking. To hell with writing. I am staying outside until December.

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