Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Harvest!

A few weeks ago I was telling y'all about my new raised bed gardens, installed for me by Zach & Co of YardFarm. Well OMG OMG again! I've got more plants in now, and more to come. Meanwhile, the first crop has grown like mad-- it is crazy green over here. Our first harvest was this past Sunday when we picked some super sweet lettuce for a salad and some kale and Swiss chard for a quinoa surprise I threw together and cooked right in the rice cooker. I  need to get out there today and harvest some more-- the auto-irrigation system is making all the difference.

Meanwhile, the dogs have totally adapted to their new fenced in area. Witness the grin on Dante's face. He likes to sit and watch me. Henry says Dante's slogan-- courtesy of being rescued from imminent death at TLAC-- is simply this, "Glad to be here." Yep, that's about right.

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