Monday, March 28, 2011

Please Help Me Spread the Word About Me, Me, Me!

Hey Y'all,
I've asked before and I'm asking again. I have an upcoming Spring Writers' Workshop for adults that begins on April 28th. I also have Summer Camps for Kids that begin in June. I would so appreciate it if you would pass the following info along to your friends, any neighbor lists or school lists you're on, and anyplace else that might net me attendees. Getting folks signed up is what helps me pay the bills and allows me to spend the rest of my time bringing you important information about Rebound's anal glands, my love of Broadway Musicals, my unsolicited opinions about local theatre productions, etc. 

Here, for your convenient cut-and-paste purposes, is a chunk o' info, with links, that you can help me get out into the world. Thank you so much. 

Spike Gillespie's upcoming Spring Writing Workshop for adults, beginning April 28th. There are a couple of openings left. Info on that is here: Spike's Spring Writing Workshop

Also, Spike is currently registering campers for her Kids' Summer Camps. This year's offerings include Writing Camps, Arts & Crafts Camps, and Fashion Camps. Most of these are for younger kids, but I do have one Teen Writing Camp. The entire schedule is right here: Camp Spike Schedule

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