Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh So Happy!

You know how some people just keep having more and more kids and they can't stop writing blogposts about all these new additions? Well I guess that's how I must seem, trumpeting the arrival of every new pair of Vibram FiveFingers. In case one of the six of you has missed past posts on the topic, here's a link to one of them (which includes links to earlier posts). Maybe I should start naming each pair and sending out formal announcements. Oh how I love my Vibrams! In the picture above they are hung in chronological order of acquisition. I have an especial fondness for that gray pair-- they're wool and I had to special order them. The newest pair, on the far right, are already pretty dirty because I put them on almost immediately and started messing around in the garden. Maybe I need to get a fifth pair to wear only in the house, a sort of "For Show" pair, perhaps in faux-leopard print. (If they can make these already ridiculous looking shoes in such delightfully obnoxious colors, surely they can start making them in faux-leopard print, no?) Below: the only photographic proof that the new shoes were ever actually clean. 

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