Thursday, May 12, 2011

Picture Time

I actually play LEGO more often than most 47 year-olds.

Recently I performed a wedding at the Trois Estate, a stone's throw from Enchanted Rock. The place is amazing and the owners collect all sorts of things like cap guns and this rocking stretch cab that I plan to buy for my LEGO-loving pal, GW.

My first Morning Glory of the season. I plant them every year because they remind me of my mom, the world's greatest Morning Glory herder. Some years mine don't come in. This year they are growing like crazy.

Ooooh! So artsy! The Wheatsville neon sign reflected in my back window.

Rebound couldn't have been more excited when I found the long lost bumble bee hat.

My son made me this shirt for Mother's Day. Though, come to think of it, I think he then put it back in his pocket.

Big Red and Wolfie took me out for Mother's Day breakfast at El Chilito. Note that Wolfie inherited his cup-holding technique from BR's side of the family.

My 21st Mother's Day. That was fast.

I heart YardFarm Austin!! Mr. Dare came by to replace my tiny tomato cages with monster cages, necessary to hold up my plants which are now around four feet all. If you haven't called YardFarm yet, you should. Here's but one post about my amazing garden

Yesterday I learned how to weave on a mini-loom at Hill Country Weavers. I love learning new fiber crafts. Check out the blog I write for HCW.

Years ago Kriss turned me on to this unbelievable dish at Pacha on Burnet. It's granola with a smoothie made with acai berries. It ain't cheap but OMG it is FANTASTIC! 

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