Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rupert Holmes Salon Part 2! Wednesday, 12/21. Be There or Be On My Shit List!

So Kathy Kehoe and I have been grandly scheming to create another stunning Salon de Rupert Holmes for y'all. For those of you who missed the last one, the idea is that we want to provide a setting for folks to meet, a setting that doesn't rhyme with Ratch Dot Pom or Me Farmony. A setting that isn't about jello shots. A place where you can admit to loving books and that is a good thing.

We were sort of focusing on this Make it For Singles thing. But as we continue to re-shape the PlayDough, we have decided, WTH, why not just open it up to all? So that's this month's experiment. ALL of Y'ALL are welcome and you better show up OR ELSE. We'll meet tomorrow at The Snug, which is actually located INSIDE OF Tom's Tabooley on the Drag. Cover is $5. We start at 8 and end at 10. Here's what you do:

Show up, maybe even a little early. Order up some awesome yet reasonably priced food and/or beverages (yes, they have beer and wine) on the Tom's side, then head on over to the Snug side and grab a seat at our Big Dinner table. We'll chat and eat for the first hour. Then we'll have some amazing entertainment. This month, that means the brilliance of:

Kathy Kehoe!
Terry Bowman! (who flew in from SF to entertain you people!)
Paul Klemperer! An avid REEDER (who knows if he'll show up with sax or clarinet. Maybe both!)
Richard Steinberg aka Mr. Smarty Pants, he of Chronicle Fame!

Please join us! Please tell your friends! This is a safe harbor for book lovers, holiday haters, and all ye of good cheer AND sourpusses. Our only rule: no assholes! Isn't that easy and refreshing?!



Dorthy Conca said...

I am bringing 13 amazing necklaces...what person will you be?

dorothy said...

dorothy has two o letters....