Friday, January 20, 2012

Have I Got Something to Make Your Weekend Fantastic!

There is no joy greater than sharing your life with a dog (my apologies to Warren and Henry-- don't worry, guys, you run a close second). I am trying to help home a few dogs that are in sudden need. Before y'all email me with suggestions about Austin Pets Alive, etc, please know we already know all about APA, our bases there are covered. I am running this post in addition to other avenues being pursued. 

If you are up for bringing the tremendous joy of a dog(s) into your world, please email me directly at and I will put you in touch with the right humans. Below is a note from my friend who is helping her friend to home these dogs. Also, adorable pictures. 

Hurry people, let's get these pups a place to stay!

My friend writes:

A good friend of mine has run into some very, very hard times and was forced to move quickly to a new apartment that does not allow animals. Her three sweet and affectionate dogs need immediate and/or long term foster homes, permanent adoption negotiable. They can be adopted individually. Rock Hudson is a medium sized (approx 20 pounds) short-haired black+white mix, husky and low to the ground with enormous ears, a noble demeanor and a sweet, loyal disposition. He is shy with new people but warms up quickly. Stevie Nicks is a small (approx 8-10 pounds) wire haired terried/chihuahua mix, calm and full of kisses with an adorable white streak on her head. Chavela Vargas is a small (approx 8-10 pounds) dachshund/chihuahua mix with big worried brown eyes and is calm and cuddly.  All three are healthy, house and leash trained, up to date on shots, including kennel cough, and are fine with cats and young children (my friend has a toddler).

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