Monday, January 16, 2012

I Heart Austin, TX, Installment #97,375 (Special Birthday Edition)

So, what did I wind up doing for my birthday last week? Thanks for asking. I dedicated myself to yet another one of those Wow I Sure Do Love Austin adventures. To wit:

Breakfast at Magnolia Cafe on Lake Austin Blvd where my BFF is the manager. I had two "small" gingerbread pancakes, and Eggs Zapatino, which my son turned me onto-- scrambled eggs on an English muffin with queso and a side of fourteen pounds of home fries. 

Then we had to go walk that shit off. So Warren and I headed over to Town Lake (I'm calling it Town Lake, and shut up if you were getting ready to correct me). Here we saw many things, like a train carrying a bunch of who the hell knows what.
We ran into Lionel Richie on our stroll. 

Given his lifestyle choices, I have always been especially delighted to find SRV waiting for me at a place where folks go to work out and get healthy.

This is my cake-- I actually had it a few days before my bday but want you to see it anyway. Henry's ladyfriend, K, made it for me. IT WAS DELICIOUS!
After Town Lake we went to the Blanton where Warren fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a professional columnist.
This is me in the ladies' room of the Blanton, looking in the magical mirror that shows you what you look like naked and makes you realize we're all art!

Life imitates art here. This might be my favorite painting at the Blanton. It reminds me of my last divorce. Now, that might be a funny reason to like a painting, but when I first saw it, I was in the middle of a divorce and letting go felt SO HARD-- see, like the lady on the trapeze is not letting go. But seeing the painting again, I realized what a blessing divorce is (keep divorce safe and legal!) and how happy I am that I did let go (see, the real me is NOT HOLDING ON TO ANYTHING. Neat, right?)
In the Blanton gift shop, Warren bought me this tiny chicken purse to match the chicken handbag I bought awhile ago.  I am super classy with my matching accessories! 
Outside the Blanton, Warren gave me my other birthday gift-- because a girl needs a way to transport her chicken purses, you know? 
After the Blanton we went over to the Oakwood Cemetery, off of MLK on the East Side. If you look closely at this headstone, you will find the true definition of Grave Error. 
I love cemeteries any time of the year, but I especially liked taking a visit on my birthday.
Quod tu es, ego fui. Quod nunc sum, tu eris.
Truly words to live by.
Then it was time for dinner at Texas French Bread-- HOORAY!
I ate way too much and that was just fine-- mountains of bread, wild mushroom risotto, and-- of course-- BUTTERSCOTCH BUDINO! Get thee behind me Murph & Ben with that Butterscotch shit-- I'm trying to cut out sugar over here, people!

Thus concluded another spectacular birthday. May I remind you: when your day comes around, for crying out loud, take the day off from work and go enjoy this fine town of ours. Salud. 

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