Friday, May 18, 2012

Vote for Your Favorite Disco Haiku!

Yesterday on Facebook I held a contest. Whoever submits the best Disco Haiku wins a pair of tix to the Forklift Danceworks Studio54klift Disco Fundraiser on Saturday, May 19th. The tix are valued at $75 a pop, not too shoddy a prize, eh? Plus you get to spend the evening with Miss Rebecca Havemeyer!

Now I need help picking the winner. Below are the entries. They're numbered. Please leave a comment here or over on my Facebook Page. Whoever gets the most votes by noon today is our big winner.

Fog machine at rest 
Goldfish dead inside platforms
Time for some punk rock


Sequined bodies move
rollerskating satin on
lighted dancefloor tiles


I'm your boogie man
Caposhi polyester 
Be prepared to sweat


Don't leave me this way
I love to love you baby
We are family


mirror glitter ball
studio 54 spin
last dance disco queen


In the '70s
She was constantly playing
On the radio


Grew up on disco
Solid Gold was my guidepost
Toot toot, yeah, beep beep


What is a haiku
bleeps n beats n disco balls
love to love you ba


the glamour transcends
Factory to Fifty-Four
Andy smiles: dance, fools!


austinexperts said...

(#1 touched my heart but #2 says disco.)

Sam22 said...

I'm with #6. Short, timely, true and to the point.

60schild said...

Number 3 of course, polyester is absolutely essential.

E. Livingston said...

Ha, haven't heard the term caposhi in forever. #3