Friday, June 1, 2012

Soul Food-- With a Big Side of Ranch Blessing

I spent the past several days at a ranch out past Kerrville, part of a writing residency I was given and, I'm happy to say, I'll be going back out again soon. Talk about a stunning opportunity. Being out there affords me long stretches of time to focus on revising a book I'm working on, read for hours on end, meditate to the chorus of a million summer insects, and just be. Oh, and did I mention-- there are bison! And my phone doesn't work! And retrieving email involves the sort of energy expenditure that means I hardly check email at all. 

I also take walks. Everyone should walk every day and all of us should walk in the country whenever possible. I made a really good, very temporary, extremely surprising new friend (see the video below). Also turned out I was within walking distance of the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, which is supported by Kinky Friedman and run by Cousin Nancy and her husband Tony. The Rescue Ranch is also where Rebound came from so, as you can imagine, it holds a huge place in my heart. Herewith, some pics and one amazing video. My deepest gratitude to Heather and Martin at MadroƱo Ranch for this amazing retreat.

Auspicious! First animal sighting: a Boston!!

Second animal sighting. That is NOT a Boston.

One of Cousin Nancy's Books about the Rescue Ranch.

I wasn't the only visitor to Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch.

Thistle do!

Barbie bouquet!

My castle.

Breakfast of champions-- I'm not cooking on retreat.

Lunch of champions.

Snack food of champions.

Energy Drink of champions.

Look in the top left corner: NO SERVICE!!!

Self-portrait of champions.

Driving home -- it's peach season. AMEN!

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