Thursday, October 4, 2012

Congrats to ZACH!

Congrats to ZACH on the new Topfer Theatre. Warren and I had the pleasure of attending one of the gala opening events last week. Herewith, pics from our oo-la-la experience. XANADU closes this weekend after an extended run-- it is HILARIOUS! For more scheduling info you can go right here.

Clang clang clang went the trolley! I parked at Zilker and took this stylin' machine over to the new theatre.
OMG-- look at this place. Are we really in Austin? Pinch me, baby!
Warren steps out onto the red carpet. This being Austin, the red carpet at ZACH is blue.
Rain, schmain. There were lots of tents set up so we could listen to the rain and stay dry. Decor included a massive lanyard. 
Play with your food!
Not what you think. Chicken and waffles. 
Warren went for the Healthy Choices option.
Oo-la-la monsieur! Inside the theatre.  
Life is but a... 
This new place is so swank it has its own special cocktail. Which gets me wondering-- what if every theater in town had its own cocktail? I'm talking to you, Ken Webster! 
Extremely cool art made from soda cans I think. 
Self-portrait in lovely loo.
Damn, girl! Even the porcelain thrones are spiffy.
Balcony view. 
Warren acts casual in hopes of being discovered by Dave Steakley and cast in CATS.
Warren tries to push his way into the early show (we had tickets for the late show). He cleverly uses this moment as a chance to show off his calves, just in case Dave Steakley walks by and decides to cast him in... uh, what's a show that involves amazing calves? Ah, I know: Beauty and the Calves. 
We weren't allowed to take pics of the performance, but here's the new stage. It is a really super groovy space.
And now, at last, I can reveal the truth behind ZACH'S new Topfer Theatre. Here, Dave Steakley and I re-enact how it all began. Years ago, he made a wish and yes, it's true, I granted it. You're welcome, Dave! Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!

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