Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Office of Good Deeds Plan to STEAL from Portland! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Hello Everyone,
I hope you will join me in my not-so-evil-plan to steal from Portland, Oregon. I am fortunate enough to visit Portland just about every year, and while my heart will always belong to Austin, there are some things out there in the PNW that I do so love. My friends, for starters. The weather. The beautiful trees and other Dr. Seussian foliage. And, spotted on my last trip a few months ago: POETRY BOXES!!

Poetry boxes are like much, much, MUCH nicer versions of those real estate info boxes you see in front of homes for sale. Poetry boxes are made of wood, feature a hinged lid and a clear front, and, inside-- but of course-- poetry! Passers-by can stop and read the poetry or reach in and take a copy to go.

Great, right? And you can fill it with your own poetry or poetry that you love written by someone else. I know, I know, I'm over-explaining this concept. You get it already. So let me move on to the Big Poetry Box Building Party Invite. Which also happens to be My 49th Birthday Party! And it also happens to be The Feast of the Epiphany and National Bean Day! I so hope you'll come. Keep reading...

On Sunday, January 6, 2013, my poet pal, Deva Haney and I are co-hosting a poetry box building extravaganza. Once we get the boxes built, we'll then head over to The Snug, which is inside of Tom's Tabooley on the Drag. There, from 5 pm til 8 pm, we'll eat good food, share poetry, and listen to music by Southpaw Jones and Brian Kremer. Woo-hoo. It is going to be SO GREAT. There are all sorts of roles you can play. Following is a list of possibilities: 

We need folks to donate SUPPLIES! Do you have wood we can use? Good! We'll take it.
We need help coming up with a design-- are you a good wood-thing-designer? Let us know!
We need folks who can build! Do you have skills or are you willing to learn? Great! Email us!
We need folks willing to install poetry boxes in their front yards, particularly in well-walked areas!
We need folks to come to the party and celebrate poetry and ME ME ME! You all can do that.

So, if you are down and want to be part of this project, all you gotta do is shoot me an email. It might take me a few days to get back to you, but I will get back to you.  Thanks! Can't wait!
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