Friday, August 1, 2008

The Buck Stops Here

It is, regrettably, my last morning in Astoria. In a little while, we're off to Portland and then on up to Seattle so I can interview a couple of quilt artists for the book. There are too many things I love about this little town to list. A big one is the spectacular view no matter where you turn. Another is that it's impossible not to relax here. And a third is that it is, by my standards, practically cold. When I left Austin, it was 100 degrees. When I caught a connecting flight in Phoenix, it was 103. Here in Astoria, we actually have had a fire in the fireplace the last couple of nights and I sleep outside, in a tent on the deck, under about twenty blankets.

This morning, there were four bucks out in the garden, including one that had a bunch of something-- looked like a cross between Spanish moss and a yarn winding experiment gone wrong-- wrapped around his antlers. Even the deer are totally chill here and let me take some pictures.

Oh, and the trees and flowers are marvelous. And yesterday Eleanor and I got to borrow two brand spanking new, shiny happy cruisers from the bike shop. We rode down to the dock where the sea lions hang out and bark and burp. Now I'm back at the Blue Scorcher for one last cup of coffee and the easy camaraderie that makes talking to strangers not the daunting task I often find it. I just wolfed down a still-warm-from-the-oven nectarine scone. And I'm already plotting my return trip next year.

Cruising In Astoria:

Outside the Blue Scorcher:


The View:

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Anonymous said...

Your description of this place immediately takes me back to my experience of Great Barrington, Mass., in the Berkshires. I know it's quite different, but it had the same effect on me that this had on you.
Thanks for sharing : )
~ Lynda