Thursday, September 4, 2008

Missing Molly

I've been thinking a lot about Molly Ivins during this it-would-be-hilarious-if-it-weren't-so-damn-scary Republican National Convention. Molly was my great friend, my unique mentor, and a gift to everyone who knew her. If she were still here with us, she'd be having a field day, I'm sure. Which is why I was so grateful today, when I was reading coverage in the NYT, I came across this reader comment:

The late Molly Ivins, champion of women's rights and enemy of the crooked and anti-feminist good-old-boy network, might have said of Sarah Palin after her acceptance speech: "Women voting for this ticket is just like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders!"
— Kate Madison, Depoe Bay, Orego

Thank you Kate.
Thank you Molly.


Julie Gomoll said...

Sarah Palin does for women what Clarence Thomas does for blacks.

SeaStar said...

Good to see Molly's picture today and remember her voice. Thanks.