Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tonight Tonight! Me and Mr. Jones (Mr. Jones Mr. Jones Mr. Jones)

Hey All Six of You!
You have heard me gush for years and years about my favorite songwriter of all time, Mr. Southpaw Jones. We're lucky to call him an Austinite. He plays Thursdays at Flipnotics in the Triangle and he is our token straight white dude in the Dick Monologues. Paw just released a new CD and to celebrate, a bunch of us are doing something a little different.

Tonight, at BookPeople, Friends of Paw will be giving dramatic readings of his lyrics which truly are poetry in motion. Please do join us. It's absolutely free and the lineup is really super fantastic. Much fun, I promise you. Here are the details:

7:00 pm
Celebrating the lyrics of CRUELTY!
603 N. Lamar
(512) 472-5050

Readers include:

Kristine Kovach
Spike Gillespie
Lindsey Lane
Laura Lane
Robin Chotzinoff
Rudy Ramirez
Ben Bartley
Brian Kremer
Amelia Gray
Idgy Vaughn
Maggie Wilhite
Jaycee Wilemon

See ya there,

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SeaStar said...

That would have been fun Spike. I wish I'd checked earlier. Wonderful evening to all of you!