Friday, October 31, 2008

Signs of the Time

I live in the hood on a pretty busy, main thoroughfare. A couple of months ago, the neighbors a couple of blocks down went and got Texans for Obama signs for anyone interested. As it turned out, everyone was interested and overnight we became Obama Alley, with signs lining the street, up and down, on both sides. A lot of people took notice and I'd run into friends who didn't live anywhere near us but who'd seen our display.

Well, a thief also took note and, a few nights ago, went up and down the street and stole every single sign. This late in the game it's hard to come by new signs, but when I called the Turn Texas Blue folks the other day, they said a shipment of 2,000 was on the way. So I drove down to HQ yesterday and bought fifty. It was a madhouse down there-- so great how excited people are getting even if some of them strike me as total freaks. By which I mean, yes, I walked in there, saw everyone, and immediately started a narrative in which we all can get along, and life is great. Then some folks started opening their mouths and when I heard how cranky they were I was eager to get the hell out of there.

Twenty or so of the signs were designated for neighbors who answered my post to the neighborhood listserve taking orders. Another twenty-one of them I planted in my own yard. As I hammered them in, I realized I was channeling my father. No, I don't think he could've wrapped his head around voting for Obama. But he was the sort who, when he had something to say, would think nothing of painting a huge message on one of his old cars, or covering up those cars with bumper stickers, or blasting Christmas music through our outdoor speakers. In July.

My message, beyond support of Obama, was directed at thieves who might likely not drive through again, but so what. It was Oh Yeah? Take that! And that! And that! You wanna steal my sign? Fine, I'll put up twenty-one more!

I am, for now, bringing the signs in at night. But if I get too lazy/busy to keep doing that, I also have enough backups to have the first batch stolen and just keep putting up more from now til the election. And I have to say, the lawn looks quite lovely.

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