Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Ink!

Just got back from the tattoo parlor where, once again, Bart worked his magic. We got started on a new half-sleeve-- this time the right side. For years I've wanted to get my favorite piece of Henry's art put on. (Okay, I love a lot of his art, but this piece is really special.) This character is called a Tree-ple. Or maybe it's spelled Treople. I think he spelled it Treepul when he drew it. You get the idea-- a cross between a tree and a person. Only not all mean and scary like the trees in the Wizard of Oz. Oh no, this tree person is so cheerful and curvy. I LOVE IT.

We were trying to figure out where to put it and decided placing it on the right side would balance the left half-sleeve. On the other hand, I didn't want the refrigerator magnet/haphazard look and it was hard to visualize how we could manage avoiding that since I have a 21 year-old tat on my right shoulder. Bart thought about it and suggested putting the new one off to the side, rather than directly below the cow that's already there. That still leaves some real estate that we need to fill in. So I need to decide what I want to add. I was thinking maybe a ball of yarn and some needles, though there are quite a few knitting tats out there already. So maybe something more original. Decisions, decisions.

Meanwhile, I am beyond thrilled with today's work. And Henry even played hooky for a little while to join me at the shop. It reminded me of when he was little and some days I kept him home and we'd hang out, or go to the movies or whatever. A little mental health break. Been way too long since we've done that so today was extra glorious. He got such a kick out of watching Bart work and tat chat at the shop is never dull. His friends even texted from school to check on his "mom's tattoo progress." Also, Bart had Hen sign my arm with a marker and then Bart went over it with ink. A signed masterpiece!

Plus, oh yes, all those endorphins...


mcoker said...

How cool!! What a great piece. It looks so nice, Bart did a superb job. Henry is one helluvanartist!

Monica said...

You both look super proud in that last photo. I like that.