Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Office of Good Deeds Request: Clothing Drive for Low Income Job Seekers

Hi Everyone,
Hope you're well. I have a request for you. The Austin Young Lawyers Association is holding the second annual Women's Resource Fair for homeless and low-income women on Saturday, March 28. Last year, 130 homeless and low-income women and children came to the fair and were able to access medical care, social services, resume writing workshops, clothing and legal services.

So, it's always a rough ride for these women to find work. The economy is making prospects more sucky. What I'm asking for help with is clothes donations-- stuff they can wear to be dressed appropriately for job interviews. Michelle McFadyen is in charge of the clothing drive. I asked her what, specifically, they are looking for. She says:

"I guess you could say business casual, but many of the women will not necessarily end up working in offices. Suits tend not to fly off of the racks as quickly as items like nice pants and button down shirts. We have a higher demand for larger sizes then we do for smaller sizes but we are anticipated a couple hundred women so all sizes will get used. We are also accepting children's clothing, all sizes."

It's easiest if you can drop clothes off (address below) but please know that Michelle will do her best to pick up clothing if you can't drop it off. And if you live central, I will do my best to help her with pick up or else you can drop stuff at my house.

Michelle's contact information is , ph: 512.472.0279.

Clothing can be dropped off at 816 Congress Avenue, Suite 700 between the hours of 8 and 5 Monday through Friday. People dropping off the donations can park on the street or if they have a lot to carry are welcome to park in our garage. The entrance to the garage is on the south east corner of 9th and Colorado and we are the only offices on the 7th floor. We will validate parking if someone wants to use the garage.

If anyone has any questions about volunteering or would like more information on the fair in general they can also contact Michelle.

Please, please help if you can. Purging your closet to assist could literally help folks get jobs and take care of their kids.

And please pass this request on.
Yours in good deeds,

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Ste. Goldie said...

Oh man, I was just at Goodwill the other day. I pulled a black with metallic gold flecked dress from the plus size section. The thought that immediately went through my head was "OMG A CUTE DRESS THAT IS MY SIZE! AT THE GOODWILL". It was $50.

I asked one of the clerks why it was $50 dollars. She proceeded to tell me that the goal of Goodwill is NOT to "provide inexpensive clothing to those in need rather it's trying to get the maximum amount of money from the clothing to fund their jobs programs".

I was pissed. It's a crime that fat poor women have to look like garbage. I resent it.

She did point out that they do provide assistance for people who need cloths to get jobs. Am I wrong for simply wanting to look cool and or "put together"?