Friday, March 27, 2009

Office of Good Deeds: Whimsical Request

Hello Everyone,
First of all, because I like to let you know, I have a new post up at the Austinist. If you like it, please recommend it.

Second, and MUCH more importantly, I am making a whimsical request on behalf of the Office of Good Deeds, my little pet project. Most often, I make requests for stuff like blood donations for folks in emergencies, or food/clothing donations for folks having a hard time.

This time around, I want to help raise some funds for my friends, Kristine and Garreth, who won the recent 2nd Annual Austin Regional Grilled Cheese Invitational. Unfortunately, I couldn't taste the winning sandwich, as it involved mangoes, and I am, sadly, deathly allergic to mangoes. (God, I love mangoes, which is how I found out about the deadly allergy.)

As winners, K & G get to fly to LA next month to compete in the BIG COMPETITION. They have been given one plane ticket, to help them get out there. Now they need a second ticket and a little dough to cover expenses like room, board, and ingredients.

Now, I know these are hard times for everyone. But I was just thinking-- if everyone who reads this kicks in just one or two bucks-- just ONE OR TWO BUCKS-- we could really give them a leg up and help them represent this fine city. All you need to do is fish a crumpled dollar bill out of your pocket, stick it in an envelope, and send it to:

Office of Good Deeds
c/o Spike Gillespie
P.O. Box 4843
Austin, TX 78765

Email me if you have questions. I'll personally match the first fifty donations up to $100.



Anonymous said...

I loved your article on The Austinist.
Debra in Knoxville

Anonymous said...

how we get there