Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another Summer Camp for Kids

This one comes from my friend Kathryn. I wish I was young enough and had the time to sign up for this one. And don't forget, I have a couple of summer camps myself. Details here.

Note from Kathryn:

Dear parents,

We will be offering our 5th Spanish Day Camp for Girls this summer. The camp
will take place during the weeks of June 15-19, June 22- 26, July 20- 24,and
Aug. 17-21. We will meet in the afternoons from 1 - 4. It will be at our
home on Preston Ave. and will be offered to girls entering grades 1 - 6.

As we did the last 4 summers, we will keep the ratio of campers to
counselors/assistants/helpers very low. (The past few years it has been
3:1!) We will say everything in Spanish and English, while we cook really
good food, sing, learn Mexican dances, do art projects, go on nature walks,
play card games, play lotería with our new vocabulary, make Oaxacan hair
braids, and swim.

The camp is always a lot of fun! Each summer I have 4-5 assistants who are
studying Spanish in middle and high school. The campers LOVE becoming
friends with these teenaged girls. Another cool thing about the camp is that
the girls come from schools from all over town, AND they get to know girls
of all ages.

Some years, we have learned about a different country each day, so at the
end of the week, the campers will have learned about the food, music, art,
and vocabulary of 5 different countries where Spanish is spoken. Other
years, we have had a theme such as CORN ( maíz, elote, choclo), and have
based all our activities( art, vocab, music, cooking) around that theme.

Often we have guests who tell the girls about what it was like to grow up in
a Spanish speaking country. The girls have learned how to cook plantains (fr
om a Cuban friend), how to make their own toys (from a friend who grew up in
Costa Rica), how to carry a jug of water on their head (from a friend who
was volunteering in a small town in Mexico), and what it was like to work in
an orphanage in Guatemala (from my cousin).

The cost will be $215 for one week of camp, and if your daughter signs up
for more than one week, the cost will be $200 for each additional week. Your
payment will hold your daughter's spot in the camp. There are some
scholarships available each week.

I hope your daughter will join us! Feel free to call (477 1513) or write
with questions. If you would like to talk to the moms of any of our previous
campers, just let me know. Please forward this email to anyone who might be

Thank you!

Kathryn Anderson

1513 Preston Ave., 78703

477 1513

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