Monday, May 4, 2009

Intuition Classes with Lois!

I met Lois a couple of years ago when I signed up for one of her intuition classes. I had a great time, met great folks, and just felt much better overall about my (then horribly miserable) life by the time I was done. I've gone to Lois for readings since then and it' s always the same-- I show up stressed out and confused, I chill with Lois for an hour or two, things get clearer.

Several times a year, Lois offers a series of six 3-hour classes for $180.00. Her classes are fun and extremely informative. Lois' classes focus heavily on how to ask the right question to ensure the right intuitive response. Each class includes a review of prior material and a question period during which time students and Lois intuitively answer personal questions that other students bring to class.

Well, she's starting up a new round of classes so If you're interested please contact Lois at or 512/4450627.

And tell her I sent you. (She'll already know-- haha-- but tell her anyway, eh?)

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