Sunday, May 3, 2009

Letting Go of Dick -- the Last Show Approaches

In July 2007, in an attempt to help heal from the fallout of a horrible divorce and also to publicly address a hideous rebound with one of the Biggest Dicks of All Time, I held what was supposed to be a one-night show at the Hyde Park Theatre. We called it The Dick Monologues and, to my delight and surprise, it was sold out, wildly well received, and the audience asked for more. We went on to do shows all over town-- but most often in our beloved HPT-- and we did a festival in Dallas and also Frontera Fest here in town. We had lots of great guest monologists. We trotted out new material and delivered some favorites month after month, playing to well over 2,000 people I'm guessing. This coming July marks our two year anniversary and... bittersweetly... the end of our run.

While I'm sad to see the show go, I do think it's time. We're all scattered across a million projects and I, personally, am in the midst of writing a history book that is consuming me and, on the side, cranking out a novel. (Now, actually, I have to re-do a lot of that, thanks to a recent hard drive crash, so I'm even more slammed.)

Anyway, I want to thank all y'all who came out, supported us, sponsored our programs, chipped in for our rent. I want to heap endless thanks on Ken Webster and Lindsey at Hyde Park Theater for all their hard work. And Ann Woodall, our house manager really held it together for us in so many ways. And, of course, I thank the cast-- wow, how lucky I've been to work with so many over the top performers.

We are holding two last shows-- May 13th (a Wednesday) and July 2nd (a Thursday) both at 7pm at the Hyde Park Theatre. Tix are $12 and you can email me at to make reservations. Please note that the May show is the last show for Rudy who, sadly, can't make it in July. Rudy's been our director ever since I tried to figure out "delegate" and he has done a smashing job.

If you already made May reservations, please note-- as I said above, my hard drive crashed. And with it went the reservations list. So please email me again and I'll make a new list. And please do help us spread the word.

Thanks so so so so SO much,

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