Monday, December 7, 2009

Picture This!

Good lord this town is more fun than sixteen barrels of drunken monkeys. As ever, I've been running around too much to actually slow down and blog with any regularity. I mean, blog here. I am busy daily cranking out new posts for my JetBlue JetAustin gig. Here's a link to my glowing review of East Side Cafe, which is SO AWESOME. And now, I resort to pictures of what else has been going on, to show you what thousands of words couldn't capture even if I could find the time to write them. (Okay, I will throw in a few captions.)

Today, I went to Joe Cooks for lunch, to hang out with my buddies Connie and Doris Ann, who were making the most beautiful cookies ever. Joe Cooks is this catering place at MLK and Chicon. A few months ago, they also opened a cafe-- same location-- called Joe's Place that only offers lunch, M-F, 11-2. Besides the menu, they have Especially Special Specials, which means they invent new and great stuff to try out. I went for the veggie lentil soup and a fresh veggie sandwich on homemade bread and it was magnificent. Y'all need to check this place out. And Connie, who is one of the owners, is looking to do events at the space and in the groovy backyard. So I'm going to say it here-- the first one of you to throw your wedding at Joe Cooks, I'll give you 50% off my officiant fee. Think about it.

Last Friday, I threw Henry a surprise birthday bowling party. Just what every nineteen year old wants-- his 45 year old mom to call all his friends and then drag him to a bowling alley in the middle of the day and pretend that it's just going to be Hen, Mom and Warren, knocking down a few pins.

Saturday, Warren and I got our candyasses out the door. I was having serious cabin fever and even though it was below 50, we convinced ourselves to walk around Town Lake. This is Training For France, as I seriously doubt they are going to turn up the global warming for me and heat the country up to my preferred 85 degrees F. We stopped to roll in the grass (not a euphemism) and look up at the sky (that tree is shot from the ground up.) And we listened to our separate iPods-- Warren is totally addicted to his new iTouch. This, after mocking my iPhone for nearly two years. Ha, I told you, Warren!

Saturday evening, Warren and Garreth and baby Z and I joined Ann Woodall at Blue Genie Art Bazaar, which is happening over at the Monarch Event Center. Ann's got a booth up-- her cards (featuring her photography) are most excellent, as are her Mixed Media crocheted hats. (Okay, so they aren't mixed media, but they are really wild and warm and wonderful). Ann and I posed on the big Jackalope in the lobby-- Blue Genie has a bunch of really cool sculptures for sale, including enormous sushi.

And today, Rebound, the dumbest dog in the world (but so CUUUUUUUUUTE) ate half a dollar bill. Not to be confused with the yogurt she rooted out of my bag yesterday and ate (that was actually sort of clever), or the expensive skein of yarn she chewed on until it was totally tangled. Warren thinks I'm the one who needs training, as in don't leave out dollar bills/yarn/yogurt. I think Warren needs to shut his piehole.

As for that lovely photo at the beginning of this post? I call that one: Isn't it GREAT living with a photographer who captures every single moment? I'll spare you the shot of me on the john with the dog sitting at my feet, but trust me, it exists.

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Thomas Crone said...

Henry's n-i-n-e-t-e-e-n? Whoa.

Good to catch up on your new stuff.